I’ve been talking in previous blogs on this page about how our life is connected to a cosmic consciousness. We are never alone, and we have never been left alone. There is a bigger picture than the one we see during our busy lives, and it has been calling to us since the day we were born. It appeals to us through our desires and through moments that touch our soul or open our eyes to its reality.

There is a reality that touches ours if we are open to seeing it and becoming a part of it. God has set eternity in our hearts. (Ecclesiastes 3:11.) We know in our spirit that we are made for more than we are experiencing. We long to be whole and for the earth to be restored. In essence, we long for the very things God has promised because he has placed those desires in our heart. He has guaranteed to make all things new, including us. Although there is an appointed time in which all this will happen, there is a way to be a part of this reality now. Yes, we will still be overweight if we don’t do something about it and we will become sick, and we will die a physical death. Those are things of this earth, and we are a part of this earth whether we want to be or not, BUT…..

What Are We Talking About?

Take a little time and think back through your life. What has touched your soul? What has caused you to feel there is something bigger going on than yourself? A sunset or a waterfall can open your spirit to feel small in a way that makes you aware of a bigger picture of life: severe weather or a rainbow call to us. Think of times; you have felt conscious of something that seems beyond the moment. God is wooing you to look beyond the obvious and imagine what could be.

John Eldredge speaks about this wooing in almost all his books. I started with “The Divine Romance.”

Suppose This Is True.

What I see when I look at posts on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter is unhappiness with how life is and a desire for what God has promised. I know that not all people believe in God, and there are various reasons for that belief. Amazingly those same people put their faith in other people or government or ideologies that have proven over and over again they cannot be trusted. The new friend or company lets us down or betrays us. The next elected official becomes like the one we just voted out, Everyone talks about being eco-friendly, but they either don’t make a difference, or the difference is not enough to make the change we hoped to see.

Why are we so willing to trust what has let us down over and over? Think about that for a moment. What is inside us that says, That man or woman is the one who will not hurt me or let me down, that system is a no-fail way to live, that human theory makes all the sense I need to become a better person? BUT! God makes no sense.

I don’t have an answer to that, but Billy Graham, who has talked to people around the world, does. He says, and I paraphrase…..we want to control our lives. If there is a God, then we would have to humble ourselves, admit we don’t have all the answers and give control of our lives to Someone we don’t see. No one has seen God except Jesus who came from God, but all who believe in God have felt His presence. God reveals Himself to those who want to experience Him.

Seeing The Big Picture

There are no atheists in a foxhole, the saying goes. For those who remember 9/11/2001 in the U.S, know that churches were full the following
Sunday, members of Congress kneeled in prayer on the steps of the Capitol Building, signs acknowledging God were everywhere. Americans were hoping for a bigger than us person who could save us. We wanted a bigger view of what was going on than what we were experiencing and hoped there was safety involved. God had our attention and the ACLU’s attention too.

God has planted eternity in our hearts, and God is eternal. At the base of all our emotions and our desires is God. He is the bottom line. He is the wholeness and the fulfillment we long to experience. He is the ultimate reality.

There Is Always a Big But!

 BUT! How does one become a part of the “Big Picture?” How do we connect with the Cosmos? If we give God control of our lives and what and who we care about……what if? Good questions! I couldn’t have said them better myself!

God does not desire toxic relationships. He tolerates them until we come to realize He is for us and not against us. He allows our rebellion and questions because that is how we get to know Him, and He is patient…..long-suffering. His blessings and revelations of Himself are for those who choose to love Him and have a relationship with Him. If you believe you can trust a senator to actually represent your concerns, you have enough faith to trust God. Sins separate us from God. God is holy and does not tolerate sin as part of His relationship with us. That’s a tough barrier because we can be quite comfortable in our sin. In this day and age, we have become so comfortable in our sins that we don’t even know what sin is and isn’t. The biggest sin that separates us from God is the sin of self-reliance, better known as “pride.” If you can humble yourself enough to lean toward God rather than away from Him, that is all you need.

Confess in prayer that you are sorry for your pride in the past, and you would like to start anew with God. By the blood of Jesu, the way to God has been provided.  You will need a guide for the journey of this new life. Granted, Jesus lived 2,000  years ago, but He conquered death and is living today. You will need Him to help you understand how to live this new life. Ask Him to become a part of your new life and admit you need His help in living this new reality and becoming a part of the “Big Picture.”

God bless you on your journey!