Luke 2:25-35 …….He was waiting for the consolation of Israel, and the Holy Spirit was upon him……

Israel was in moral ruin. For years the voice of God had not been heard. Israel had been divided and taken into exile by armies more powerful then they were. Their traditions had been denied, and the right to worship at the Temple in Jerusalem had been taken from them. They felt hopeless unless a Messiah saved them. All hope was for Messiah to now liberate them from the rule of the Roman Empire they were far too week to resist. The Jews were weak, sick, poor and living far from the life God had promised. The reason? They had rebelled against the Prophets who had bought them the words of God. God loved them still and protected them from never being wiped out by their much stronger enemies.

Have you lost hope? The news, social media, talk shows can depress me for sure. Too much negativity can way us down. We have many problems of our own without the bigger picture of the moral condition of our nation or our politicians. We have bills to pay, friends with cancer, and if we prayed for every single person or problem, we would be on our knees 24/7.

Father, we know that you are Sovereign and you have all authority. Look upon our households and nation and give us hope this Christmas season. Give us your peace as you did Israel all those years ago.