I am so excited to tell you that my husband and I are in Camden, Maine right now. It’s past the time of the Lupines being in bloom, though. In a couple more chapters Sydney will be boarding the Schooner Mary Day. If you started in the first chapter, you know she is scared of water and scared of living without her husband. Boarding the Mary Day is a big step for her, but her friends are so excited about finding this adventure in Maine for her she doesn’t want to let them down.

Tonight, we will be boarding the Mary Day ourselves. It’s a favorite summer activity of ours. My husband and I will get some great pictures to share to help you picture the deck and the Schooner and the sea. We will be cruising around the islands of Maine for four days. While cruising, we will help raise the sails, assist in the kitchen and meet some new friends.

Each day we will get off the schooner to hike and take pictures on one of the many Maine islands, and we will have a lobster buffet with the other passengers on an island beach. (Just a side note, we were married on a Maine Island by the Captain of the Mary Day and our wedding reception was the lobster buffet) It is enjoyable, and Sydney may or may not have a good time. Well, of course, she won’t have a smooth, fun time because conflict drives the story. Ha!

After four days on the schooner, we will stay ar a B & B in Camden. It will not be the one in the book because that one is fictional, but we will be living the part. Camden is beautiful with its harborside restaurants and shops, lobster traps and fishing boats as well as sea kayaking and other activities. I love Camden, and I hope you will want to visit it on vacation sometime. My book is not a travel brochure, nor written with the intention of selling anyone on Camden, Maine, but still…

Join us, join Sydney on the adventure of Maine!