Happy Thanksgiving!! What are your plans today? I am going to a neighbor’s house to get his wife ready for the holiday celebration while he drives an hour each way to pick up his brother. Then the celebration is at their house. To me it seems too much for this guy. Like most if not all caregivers he is drawing on some inner strength that is there when he needs it. He has determined to be a good caregiver and he is doing an excellent job. Those who know the situation are more worried about him than his invalid wife. We want to do it! We want to do whatever will make the holidays good for our loved one. We will draw from an inner strength that no one knows about except ourselves and we will do it.

So, to all those caregivers who are preparing and hosting a holiday gathering…..Kudos!!! I was blessed, I can see it now, but not then. AS my husband was getting weaker I wanted to take him out less. I wanted others to come to us and that seemed the best to me no matter what it took in preparation for me. My superpowers would see me through! (that was a joke). My stepson took the reigns and had everyone over to his house for Thanksgiving one year and every holiday after that. He watched for us to drive up and came out to help his dad in the house. In spite of this wonderful gesture I felt sad rather than thankful. I had become a martyr over the time of my caregiving and didn’t’ like giving up my position. Is that is you, trust me, be thankful when someone wants to help!!!!!!!! In fact, I feel like calling my stepson right now and thanking him for doing that in spite of my resentment.

So, whatever you are doing today make good memories! Look for the blessings and smile!