If you have been following along on my new book, Hotdogs Are the New Broccoli; I have to confess a change in plans. I went to a writer’s conference and talked to a few “people in the know,” and they all said the same thing, “ DO NOT BLOG YOUR BOOK!” So, here’s what this blog is going to be about, I think many women will find it helpful.

I started writing this book because on the day of my husband’s funeral someone asked me what I was going to do now. I said without thinking that I guess I would find out who Sherry is without her husband. I was very blessed to have many friends who would keep me busy and preoccupied. One friend decided to make me her project and tried hard to make me into a mini-her. (that didn’t go well) But, I never had time to think things through or try my wings, so to speak since I don’t actually have any wings.

Time moved ahead, and I met an old friend, and in a year or so, I married again. I still had not figured out who I was. Now I am sitting in Camden, Maine, my main character, Sydney’s destination. I have just finished a five-day cruise on the Schooner Mary Day, and now I am sitting in a B & B. If you have read any of my blog of the book, you know that Sydney is on her way to Camden, Maine for a summer of adventure. She will discover who she is without her husband, but first, she has decisions to make, some odd people to meet and some new friends who will stretch her.

If you are a widow or divorced or separated and trying to figure your life out on your own, you know you have a lot of decisions and new paths to follow. I have been divorced and widowed…..not to the same guy. I found happiness in Camden, Maine, but I never figured out what I am about in life. My life is still pretty random, and I am determined to figure it out. I hope to figure my own life out along with my main character. Sydney as she works through the ins and outs of being on her own again after some years as a partner.

Until the book is finished and published, I want to change this blog to be about widowhood and the challenges and emotions that widows experience. I know I felt like I was adrift on the deep blue sea for at least the first six months, then I felt like I dived into a form of insanity. I wasn’t sure I would recover. Now I know there is hope!