I love coffee! I love big mugs, and I cannot lie! There was a time I had to force myself to drink coffee by sheer determination, but not today!  A college friend and I thought it would make us more sophisticated. Indeed it was one of the wiser things I did in college.

Drinking coffee is so versatile. “Let’s meet for coffee!” “Let’s talk about it first, do you want some coffee while we talk?” “Where do you want to meet? Have you tried the new coffee café?”  You know the routine. Coffee excites, and it also calms. Now that’s versatile.

Let’s Get Together

I have a friend who had a class on coffee. It was a casual setting, and he demonstrated some methods for making coffee. I also had a friend visiting her parents and was going through a tough time and needed to get away from it all. “Come to a coffee class with me!” We learned a lot, we ate some great snacks, drank so soothing coffee, and laughed! We both gained a lot from time with coffee.

I’m not addicted; I am happy to say. I did a 10-day cleanse, and coffee was NOT on the list of drinks we could have. I was expecting a big domer headache the first few days, and I only had a slight discomfort. I’m not sure what to think about that. The cleanse was a great idea. I felt much better, but I don’t enjoy coffee like I use to. WHAT?


There are a few methods for making great coffee. Some of the ways I learned about or how to do were the Moka Pot, the French Press, the Pour-Over and yikes, I forgot the other one. The pot looks like a fat lady with her belt cinched too tight. I like the Moka Pot, but for a really good cup, I love the Frech Press. With the French Press, we need to grind our own coffee because it takes a coarser grind than the conventional grind we buy at the store. There is something beautiful about grinding my own coffee beans. It feels like a connection that is not found by just scooping and measuring.

Face it; coffee has become more than just a drink. I don’t know if it is Starbucks who made coffee so trendy or if we all just need something to worship in a small way and Starbucks gave us a little god. I don’t like thinking about coffee as an idol, but who do you go to when you want a lift, or comfort, or a getaway? Churches now use coffee as a draw for spiritual seekers. What happened to the Gospel of Jesus? Remember Redemption and Love and Forgiveness?

What Starbucks did to make coffee the go-to drink, Keurig did to make it dull and lifeless. I hate the taste of plastic that interrupts the savor of coffee—even if it is Starbucks coffee for Keurig coffeemakers. It’s not the same.

Some people are starting to roast their own coffee, and I learned that the darker the roast, the less caffeine there is left in the bean. Isn’t that interesting? I always go for the dark roast when I have an option, especially when I need a lift. It must be in my head. The psychological effect of coffee is nearly crazy! The guy I was talking to says that Starbucks almost burns their beans and that’s why if you buy their beans to grind they are so dark. Kudos to Starbucks for making a killing off over-roasted coffee beans! Genius! Why not just drink the bottom of the pot after it has been on for hours? Whatever they do has worked for them and its hard to go anywhere without seeing at least one Starbucks or someone proudly serving it.

Personal Time

I like that first sip of the morning the best! It soothes my soul—or at least it did before I did the cleanse. I like to have a quiet time in the morning to either let my thoughts flow through something called morning pages. (I love to journal) or what I love best is devotions and prayer with a good cup of coffee in my favorite mug,

I found a website Parthaux.com that sells French Presses, Coffee Grinders, and Travel Mugs. They are beautiful pieces and well worth the time to look at them. I have a mug from this site I love and take everywhere==even church. (they want to serve great coffee, I’ve got a great mug!) The lid fits tight and secure for a hot sip through the whole service. No, it doesn’t distract. It calms me so I listen more intently to the teaching. The donuts in Sunday School should go though!