I feel sickened, and I feel depressed about today and the future. I don’t feel hopeless, but I am tempted to feel I am without hope. I know there are a lot of broken people in this country and it appears we are creating brokenness and not healing. I certainly don’t want to generate depression with yet another rant on the condition of this country morally or spiritually.


While there is a lot on Facebook that is good. I love seeing the families of people my kids went to school with and see their families. There are encouraging posts and thoughtful posts and posts that drain my enthusiasm, I want to run from it sometimes too.  I stopped watching the news months ago so I could stop feeding my mind and emotions with anger and hate, So many feel justified in making their hate and anger known. To get my news from Facebook is crazy.

There are posts you know are not accurate with photoshopped pictures to back up their lies. Where can we go to get honest reporting? Honest reporting probably doesn’t generate the big bucks that trash does, but aren’t we entitled to the truth?

No, I don’t think the truth is relative especially when it comes to news reporting. Creating a story about a high school student and a native American that has so little truth in it is not what makes a good story, but it does produce anger and get viewers. At the expense of another person who is innocent?

Mob Mentality

A mob-mentality is never a good thing and never wise to get involved. It has happened in this country numerous times and all over the globe, but it rarely works. Martin Luther King Jr. understood that a mob -mentality never works as well as peace and organization. Knowing what we stand for, not just causing a ruckus. He knew he needed a clear plan, not just random acts of violence that moves the movement backward.

Peace speaks louder than shouting because people are more likely to listen to the end of a peaceful speech.. Peace involves wisdom and wisdom is a wiser choice than emotion. Speaking in peace validates yourself and your listener.

Not A Rant

I don’t want to rant because I don’t think that gets anyone anywhere. Only wisdom and a solid, peaceful plan can make a difference. My heart breaks that abortion up to the moment of birth has been legalized. It is beyond my imagination that someone could be so broken as to not care about the life she has been experiencing inside herself for at least four months. I really don’t know how anyone could be so broken as to have multiple abortions at any stage of the pregnancy. I understand regret. I understand self-hatred. I understand being scared. I understand feeling inadequate. I understand feeling alone and abandoned. I just can’t imagine how murder can make any of those feelings go away.

On top of it, all the nation wants to silence Christians. I understand that some Christians have gotten very wrapped up in their emotions and were not wise and did not have a plan.

When healing of the soul is needed where do people go these days? All religions are about pleasing a god who may or may not be able to be pleased. (I had a husband like that once. I feel sure he couldn’t be pleased) fountains and meditation can be useful if we know what we are meditating on and we allow nature in any way to speak to us.

Christianity has the only God who is not about being pleased by actions or empty words. He is about relationship and intimacy and friendship. He only asks that we love Him. That’s what we do, and the healing begins. He speaks to us if we listen and he woos us with His love.

If you have met Christians you don’t like, don’t let that turn you away from God. Christians are human, and we have emotions and random thoughts that have nothing to do with what we should be thinking about and saying. We are called to be stronger than we think we can be and to be other-oriented in our actions.

I’m rambling. It’s just that if you knew—-if you KNEW what Jesus offers you and the healing of your burnt out self—if you would just take time to really know God not just about God you would be so happy