I do a few studies every morning, and it amazes me how many times they are all on the same topic even though they are by different authors, sometimes written decades apart. It also surprises me that they often speak to the concerns of my soul. You may be like me, concerned about the lack of civility in our culture today and lack of respect for life.


The topic today during my quiet time was fear. God and Jesus both talked to those they were involved with about not fearing. Even the most seasoned caregiver has doubts, but if we have learned to rely on God, there is an inner peace that is stronger still.

The most fearful time in caregiving is when the determination to be help meets the reality of the unknown and decisions that have to be made without the benefit of time to decide.

Sacrificial Givenness

All day and a lot of times, all night caregivers give and sacrifice for the benefit of our care receivers. Sometimes that has its own rewards, but many times it is an enduring determination that makes each step possible. It’s a lonely road too because most of our friends don’t know what we are doing. In public we may make caregiving look so easy, those watching think every day we have things perfectly under control. They don’t see the times we have made a wrong decision or made an awkward transfer that almost took us down. They don’t see our worriedness or feel our exhaustion.


Jesus promises never to forsake us, and He keeps His promise by putting his Holy Spirit in us when we accept Jesus as our Savior. If we watch, we see evidence of His presence with us as we go about our day. Sometimes His presence comes as a cheerful song on the radio that speaks to our soul or even the melody of a bird singing. Sometimes it is a call from a friend or a message that calms our spirits. Sometimes it is a message that comes through in our quiet time with God. His presence can come to us as peace when we feel like we may fall apart. He makes Himself known, and we recognize it. Zephaniah 3:17 tells us He sings over us.

Sometimes what we need the most is wisdom, and God promises us wisdom whenever we ask. (James 1:5) His understanding is a comfort as we face tough decisions.

Comfort Because of His Presence

My husband had kidney failure, and our kidneys are the chemists for our body. They keep everything balanced. When they are not working correctly, our body chemistry gets out of balance. It is not unusual to have high levels of potassium or other problems.

One day my husband’s potassium level was too high, and his nephrologist wanted him on medication that would lower it. The nurse told me my husband would have a rough night because the way our body gets rid of potassium is through our bowels. I decided to stay the night with him. At times he would call out, and I would assure him I was still there either by saying so in a calm voice or by holding his hand or making sure he was clean. Just the sound of my voice calmed him; my touch brought him comfort. Caring for his needs helped him to rest. These are the comforts of God with us as well.

Does God promise to comfort anyone in a difficult situation? I can’t speak for God. We are all His creation. His promises though are for those who acknowledge Him as God and Savior. The Psalmist says he has never seen the righteous forsaken. We cannot be righteous on our own, no matter how wonderful we are. But when we come to Jesus in the confession of our sins, he forgives us and exchanges our sinfulness with His righteousness so that we can be in a right relationship with a holy and omnipotent God. God gives us His presence in the form of the Holy Spirit who gives us wisdom and peace and strength when we need it. We become Children of God and can look to God as our Heavenly and perfect Father.

Don’t Go Alone

Caregiving is a tremendous job. It is a lot of responsibility and often a 24/7 job. Of course, you will have the counsel of doctors, nurses, and friends. Trust me as one who has been through it, you will need God, and when you learn to trust Him, you will find Him faithful.

Life is precious! You are precious.