I was reading today and found something written by Frederick Buechner. He said, “the word of God is incarnate.” The Gospel of John identifies Jesus as the Word, and we know that Jesus is God incarnate. Buechner posed a little different idea. The idea that every word in the Bible is incarnate with God.

He said that the Word of God is not like the words in the dictionary that have a fixed meaning. God’s word is personal and speaks to our soul or our situation. The Word of God has depth and can change lives. But God speaks to us in more than the Bible. A sunset can catch our breath and cause us to worship. An event in our life may speak of God if we take time to listen. Sometimes we feel prompted to do something, and when we do it, we sense God’s presence around the person we help or the task we do. We may hear God in a piece of music performed or in the music of a bird or the wind.

Hearing God’s voice may not be a matter of now he speaks, and now he doesn’t. It may be a matter of how quiet our soul is or how open we are to hearing what God has to say at any minute of our day. God is God, and He is Omnipresent meaning he is everywhere at once. No matter where we are or what we are doing God is there. That should not cause alarm in any way because God is “for us and not against us.” His love is lavish, and he desires a relationship with us. Can you imagine a relationship in which there was no communication? Can you imagine one where only one person in the relationship communicates? Me either. Relationships grow as communication moves between the participants. We communicate with God through prayer, but do we allow time for Him to communicate with us? Do we listen for Him?

God starts wooing us to himself as soon as we are born. As we develop and mature, we find out there are some things that speak to our soul even if no one else feels the same wooing. What? Have you ever walked through a woods and just knew God’s presence was there? Maybe it was a wildflower that hinted of God or a bird’s song or the majesty of the tall trees. Perhaps it was a shell found on a beach that pointed to the intimacy of God’s creative power. Or a dark moment in life that made you hope there was a higher power. You know those things that make you feel alive and aware. Have you stopped to listen to your heart at those moments, or could you taste the joy that they brought? How about feeling an unexpectedly cool breeze on a muggy day? God is calling.

Today will you make time to hear what God may be trying to say to you through every circumstance of your life? Will you acknowledge His wooing? Will you find your strength in Him rather than your determination? Can you find time to relax and listen? His desire is a relationship with you. He may seem a world away, but in truth, He is very near. Jesus has made it possible for our finite world to intersect with God’s infinite world so that we can hear Him speak in all things. How has Jesus done that? By breaking every barrier between the worlds and wooing you to “Come.” Come to Him for forgiveness and mercy by believing in who He says He is. The Gospel of John is very clear on who Jesus said he was and is. God is calling you to Himself through Jesus.