This has been a long winter. It even snowed in Arizona and Hawaii. The Polar Vortex was no thrill either as we felt no desire to go outside for a few days. God is good, and the weather warmed a little after the frigid cold. Friends who winter in Florida were even sad that the weather was colder than usual, but they were glad to have missed the Polar Vortex for sure.

I have been very depressed. Some of the problems have been cold and being shut inside. I am not a winter sports fan, but that’s my own problem. I have the syndrome that many do in January because there are so few sunny days and the gloom of a black and white world in the north can get me down.

On top of those depressing thoughts came a kick in the gut by our politicians who passed the legalization of the late-term even after birth infanticide and cheered and lit up the Empire State Building in lights to celebrate their victory in getting it passed. Then Virginia followed suit making their legislation to include no medical help if the child is healthy and still alive after a botched abortion. I can’t imagine turning my back on a crying, helpless infant who has just entered a new realm of change in temperatures and no automatic feeding system. Who could do such a thing? Who could pass a law like that in good conscience? Who celebrates that? Evil does in my opinion. The legislators have names, but they all spell evil to me.

I have compassion for the woman who carelessly finds herself to be pregnant when she didn’t want to be. I don’t actually understand in this day and age though how that can happen. All women surely know if they have sex there is a chance they will get pregnant, and they surely know there are times of the month that it is even more likely. I understand feeling lonely and unwanted and suddenly when she is drunk or high, and someone makes her feel desirable a woman can get caught up in the moment, but the reality is a reality. But even harder for me to understand is carrying a baby full term and feeling it move within her body and not also bonding with that life within. Maybe the night of conception becomes a huge disappointment deepening the feelings of self-loathing, but there is life. A full-term baby can be adopted by a loving couple that can make a good home for the baby. These are the things I wrestle with over this new legislation in some states. I have a tendency then to lose hope for our society and the world.

I aspire like most people to be happy now. I want everything to be good and comfortable, but that’s not how this world works, especially without a love for God as the basis of all we do and think. So where does out heart go when we are depressed and feel the political and moral climate of our nation has turned to frigid self-centeredness, a power play for control?

Spring is around the corner, and we feel hope in knowing that it is true. We have our thoughts of how wonderful it will be to see wildflowers, warm breezes, getting our hands in the dirt again if that’s what we love. Spring is hope renewed. Brown turns to green, the trees develop buds, and we start believing in the possibilityA of beaches and boats and softball and fun. Fresh air and long walks in the sun can be a usual happening. Inside our hearts, we feel our desires surfacing again, and we feel alive.

Have you stopped to figure out what your deep desires are? Have you taken the time to think about it or has your life been too busy and hectic to think about such things? Take some time and think about your desires or passions? What makes you feel most alive? What brings out the best in you? Spend some time here and figure it out. Let your imagination flow and let your dreams take shape. What are your most authentic desires?

Let’s talk more about this on Wednesday. Spend some real time alone thinking about your desires. God has planted eternity in our hearts, and you might find your passion for thinking about how God has planted desires in your heart. I will give you a hint or a nudge in the right direction. Our hearts become most alive when we think of others more than ourselves. It’s a scientific fact.