We talked about desires the last time. Did you figure out what your deep desires are? There are common desires like good relationships, a fulfilling marriage, success in our career or our choices. Those are good desires and indeed are worth hoping for.

Deep Desires

Some desires are worth fighting for such as a clean environment, our health, our dignity and the dignity of others, justice. Also good hopes, but let’s make it personal. What are your deepest desires? What are the ones you have buried for what seemed more urgent? Those desires seem a bit foggier, don’t they?

Deeper Still

John Eldredge talks about desires in his books, “The Journey of Desire” (which I need to read again) and “All Things New.” Isn’t our deepest desire to be forgiven for our mistakes and ways we have hurt others without meaning to destroy them? Don’t we hope all our poor choices could be redeemed to erase any regret or remorse? Don’t we long for wholeness? Isn’t there something in us that makes us know we are made for more than the everyday rush of our world? Did any of these thoughts come to you as you thought about your desires?

We talk about the “good old days” as though they were better than today. Why were they better? Was it because we were younger and had not drifted so far from who we were made to be? We were tuned into our deepest longings, but we didn’t have the experience to understand them. Have you ever tried to become your most authentic self and wondered where you put it? You remember having dreams and desires and never considered they were impossible. I remember when my son was wrestling at the age of four whether he wanted to be president of the United States or a farmer. He never considered those two professions being far apart or a significant investment of his time, education or ability. It seemed so possible for him to become anything he wanted. I finally decided he was leaning toward being a farmer when he asked me what herbicide he should use.

When do we stop dreaming and resign ourselves to do the next thing or pour all our efforts into making a life?

What If Its All Prepared?

What if we don’t have to make a life? What if we could just receive life, forgiveness, health, good relationships, fulfilling marriages and careers? Sounds too good to be true. It almost is too good to be true, but it isn’t. Jesus tells his friend Martha that He is the resurrection and the life. (John 11:25 Jesus is Life. He also said that He came to earth that we might have life and life to the full. (John 10:10) I think those statements are worth considering when we claim we desire life and health and purpose. Before you start writing this off because you believe the Bible is a fairytale and has nothing to offer you, let me just inform you that the Bible is banned in many countries and still it is the number one best seller. People have risked their lives to get a Bible and have had their lives changed for the better upon reading it. I have never heard that said about Aesop or Mother Goose books. My life was a little changed by the flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz, but not for the better. Like our desires, we have to look deeper into the Scriptures to understand them.

So, if Jesus claims to be life and many believe He is because they have come to Him with an open heart and mind to ask what life is all about. When we start asking that kind of question instead of dismissing it without knowing the facts we find a mystery. As we see the secret and examine it for meaning, we sense a change in our lives that we can’t quite explain, but we feel drawn to it. This feeling may be new to someone who just opened their heart and mind to the possibility that there is more to life than what they have experienced, but people for centuries have known a feeling of inner peace, clarity and a knowing. I don’t know how to describe this feeling except to say it is a “knowing.” A surety of having found something so real that it can’t be denied.

 Only The Beginning

The mystery starts there in the “knowing.” As that mystery starts to unfold into a new understanding the wonder of it all increases into a world that feels like a different realm altogether because everything seems different when it looks the same and even your soul feels alive. This is the point you may want to ask questions of those who have gone on this journey of “knowing” before you. Some people have been on this journey. Yes, they walk among us. The joy is that even though the route leads to life, it is planned out for each of us personally. Exciting!