January is a time of reflection for me. As the month starts I like to look at my past year and think about the changes I want to make in the upcoming year. How do I want to be different and what do I want to be different in my life? It’s a time to start new habits that will lead to a better life and inner peace. I don’t make resolutions because that doesn’t work without a well thought out plan to accomplish them. Just saying I will lose weight this year never works. There has to be a well thought out plan to make it happen. I have to consider my weakness and strengths to make a plan I will follow through on.

The Plot Changed

The first of January was very mild in temperature. We wanted to go to Florida, and we didn’t get to go, but we did spend time with family that was very enjoyable. All seemed good that first week. Then came the last week in January and the focus of life changed. It seemed the world had sunk into the deepest hole of depravity yet as politicians celebrated the ability of a woman to destroy her child one day before its birth. Those with a heart shuttered, as those who had sold their soul for money cheered.

Many could not imagine that anything could be worse until the next day when a governor was paid 2,000,000.00 by Planned Parenthood to sign into legislation the ability for a woman to kill her own child even while it was being born.

In the last couple of years, the #MeToo movement rose to expose the enormous problem of sexual abuse of women. A cause to get behind for sure. False accusations came out and were given credence in the face of the movement. The fear that innocent men, sons would be falsely accused were up against those who have daughters.

A movement in the face of all this was started by Oprah Winfrey to get women who had had abortions to brag about them. One woman boasted she had 36 abortions and she was smiling. Thirty-six abortions, thirty-six times she allowed herself to be demeaned by men and abortionists and she was smiling. The two movements go against each other. One campaign is saying women are being treated like animals and the other movement is encouraging women to be treated with less respect than animals.

Not Discussing It

Murder is murder, and it doesn’t matter if a certain kind is considered legal. Jesus said that if we say harsh words to another person and those words kill that person’s spirit or ability to have a confident life it is the same as killing them. Murder is murder. Guilt and shame can murder people as well and keep them from seeking a better life of wise decisions.

The problem with the people who condemn women who had abortions is that they are killing the chance of a broken person receiving healing. Shame often becomes a hole we dig for ourselves. People throwing dirt at injured people make it impossible for the broken to get out of the destructive hole they are already in so deep. Jesus never did that, and yet we do it in the name of Jesus and feel very sure we are right.

Is abortion wrong? Abortion is the result of a broken person becoming more broken and taking another person with them into their pit. There is nothing wise about having an abortion, but there is nothing wise about allowing ourselves to be used. The problem is a lack of wisdom. The idea that being popular is more important than being wise, that selling your soul means nothing if there is money in it is the problem.

The other contributor can be a sense of not being loved. Girls have been seeking love and getting pregnant out of wedlock for centuries, hoping that somehow the act of sex would solve their emptiness or that they could trap a husband. Not a wise choice either. It is the symptom of  a broken family system that should nurture good esteem.

And Then There Was The Cold

To compare the deep freeze upon this nation with the depravity of new legislation would be a stretch, but it is interesting to think about how it happened in the same week.

I saw a report that said five homeless people were found frozen to death — another unthinkable tragedy. There were shelters. Animal rescuers were retrieving stray dogs in the frigid temperature. No one retrieved these humans.


When are we going to be wise instead of sensual? When will we care more for humanity than money? When will we see humans as important—-not something to be used for selfish reasons or money? What will it take?