Something has gone terribly wrong. Somewhere we have lost our way, and now we are in a mess and feel there may be no way out or the process is so long and hard we don’t know where to start or how to start if we do know where. It feels like despair, hopelessness, and anxiety. The future is just a bunch of blurry blobs with no direction.

The problem is we have lost our way, and we feel we have nothing to offer ourselves or our world. The value of life has lost meaning. We are more likely to strive for things than relationships. Things are safe and never confront us, and if they do in some way we can stuff them in a closet or drawer, and no one cares.  It’s quite different from relationships. Relationships are a lot of work, and they can get weird—fill in the blank with what weird your relationships can be. Technology has solved some beautiful problems in relations. We can call overseas and immediately be talking or even Skyping with people we haven’t seen for some time. We can find the latest sales and coupons to make our shopping trips more fruitful. An email is more relaxed, cheaper, and faster than letter writing and shopping online is a breeze with next day delivery to your door. We can take classes online and never enter a classroom depending on what we want to do.

Devalued Life

I certainly don’t want to start a discussion on evolution versus creation. It’s just that when we think we just happened by chance or that we are only the result of two horny people coming together and producing a zygot, there isn’t much meaning to life. When we are born, our parents may feel we are more of a burden than a pleasure or that we are someone to be used. Our parents may put more stress on things or entertainment than on guiding us or investing themselves in us other than providing a roof over our heads. Many communities are now having summer feeding programs for kids that have no parental care during the day. Thank goodness for the people who see the value of life!

There is beginning to be less and less respect for each other, and jokes of killing someone, or other horrid acts are not even flinched at anymore. The FBI says “if you see something, say something,” but then they ignore the report, and a school shooting takes place, or a Christmas party ends in tragedy.

Abortion has always been a tragedy, but now states have passed laws that say abortion is legal at any stage in the development of a baby up to the time of birth. A baby that somehow survives abortion is left to die. Women are having multiple abortions throughout their life and not regretting it at all or having a conscience about it. Oprah Winfrey wants women to shout their abortion as though it is a badge of womanhood. Regret doesn’t solve a thing, and neither does shame, especially when the person has no respect for herself or life.


If someone has never felt valued by anyone, especially their mother, the one who shared her body with them. If you have never felt wanted or of any purpose other than being the scapegoat or brunt of jokes. Or if you were never told that you are truly loved and that you have a purpose, a role to play in the story of the world you live in, life becomes just one round of events and problems. The future is foggy, and the present is a mess. You don’t know how to get out of the chaos, and there is no one to help.  It may seem like suicide is the way out and who cares. I’m here to tell you that you have a purpose and a very important role to play in a Bigger Picture,

There is a Bigger Picture

There is a bigger picture and you are needed. The bigger picture includes a love so lavish you could never, ever grasp its width nor depth. Your role in the big picture of life can only be filled by you because you are the perfect person for the part. You are a valuable player. You are created with a purpose, and Someone is calling you to come and join in with others who are waiting and needing what you have to offer.

Have you ever been told that? Maybe Grandma or a teacher or neighbor? It’s getting to be a less talked about notion. The consequence? Suicide, hopelessness, despair. We cannot always be told that an unborn baby is just a bunch of cells and not devalue life. Kids cannot be raised in an atmosphere of irresponsibility and loneliness; teens cannot be unguided by those who have learned some lessons in life and not expect chaos and evil. Hillary Clinton may have been right about one thing—it takes a village to raise a child. A village of mature, guiding, caring people, not the government. Government is cold.

At one time, families took care of each other so if mom and dad had to work, grandma and grandpa were there to listen and guide; teach and love.

Our lives are lacking connection and wholeness. Please join me in my next blog. Also for more in-depth study of your role in the world read any of John Eldredge’s books.