I read a meme on Facebook that said it’s okay not to be busy. I read a blog post today that said we should allow ourselves transition times between activities. Madeleine L’Engle used to talk about making time to just “be.” All of these thoughts ask us to consider our pace of life.

What would happen if we just sat for a little between each event in our life? Even a phone call, what if we just sat for a minute and thought about nothing. I don’t know much about cars, but I think we can strip gears by going too quickly from Drive to Reverse. There needs to be a time of adjustment for vehicles and us. We drive ourselves at breakneck speed and sometimes wonder at the end of the day what did we accomplish? It’s the pace of our world. The young don’t know there is another way to approach life. To calm ourselves we check our phones hoping someone has liked something we said on social media or even better put a heart on a few of our posts. We are so busy trying to make a life and everyone happy, we have lost the value of our lives and ourselves.

I think the point of social media as a substitute for real relationships and conversations cannot be stressed enough, but I’m not going to stress it here. Although I agree with that theory, I think there is a root cause for social media to become an obsession for us. I’m as guilty as anyone and maybe guiltier than some. Its an addiction and I think it is the fake kudos I get from people I barely know and don’t know at all. Somehow a “thumbs up” sign makes my day. Crazy! Often it is for something I shared and isn’t even original to me. Now that’s just sad. Really? Am I that lonely or starved for attention? Tell me it isn’t so! Tell me I have a life, and it is a good life, and I have all the friends I need. I do have a good life and feel loved, and I do significant things. So why social media?

This may sound “out there,” but I think we are looking for our story. There is a much bigger picture than the one we are seeing. We are invited to be a part of it by the Author of the story. Society has gradually dismissed the Author of life hoping we could make sense of everything on our own. I think it is safe to say we are making a bigger mess of things every day. In 2004 a young woman asked me why people believe murder is wrong, but abortion is okay? She asked, “Isn’t abortion murder too?”

I didn’t know what to say to her, but I blurted out, “That’s what happens when humans think they can do a better job than God at making sense of life.”

But isn’t abortion really about not wanting to change gears or strip a gear? Isn’t it about not thinking beyond how does this affect my story, the story I don’t have time to live anyway? Isn’t ignoring the fact that the life within us could be a valued part of our story and given a chance could enrich our experience in ways we can’t see? And doesn’t that life have a story to live as well?

Living randomly from one activity to another is exhausting. Trying to please those around us and in the case of social media people we don’t know is exhausting! We need to change our pace. We can become aware of a larger story and that we have a vital role to play. It’s surprisingly not about confinement or being a puppet character. It is freedom and peace and fulfillment. It is true that the Author only wants our good, but remember that conflict drives a story. There will be conflict in our stories, and if we allow ourselves to learn from it, we can become stronger and more aware of how others fit into our story as well. Nothing kills a story more than when the main character becomes self-absorbed and doesn’t communicate with others. Those are the characters we want out of the story.

We are meant for more than what we see around us, and the more that may be missing in our lives will bring us fulfillment and purpose. Soul on fire fulfillment and purpose! Our DNA knows we are meant for something beyond the grind of everyday life. There is a much Bigger Story and everyone is invited to have a role in it, by the Author.