There is no need to fret when desiring to grow spiritually. At least that is what  I am finding. I have tried desperately over the years to grow spiritually and have joined in every opportunity that came my way. It wasn’t a bad thing, but it didn’t satisfy the thirst in my soul.

If you are keeping up on my blogs, you know the last one had a sort of cliffhanger at the end. I’m not going to address that here because I am learning so much new stuff every day that I just want to insert today’s post before I get to the other. Right now I am wanting to learn to “abide in Christ.” I have wondered how I have been involved in church since I was a child and only heard about this aspect of the Christian faith as a vital part only a couple years ago. Abiding in Christ is absolutely vital to living the Christian life. Maybe this is just my opinion, but I have to ask myself why it isn’t stressed more in churches and Christian groups. I think I have seen people who are living or abiding in Christ because they are so much different than the usual Christian I meet on the street or Bible studies or conferences. There was a time when I saw Jesus as my help, my friend, my need meeter. He is that, but there is quite a lot more. He is the glory of God, He is Master of the Storm, He is majestic and the list could go on forever. The most amazing part is that all that Jesus is has been given to us if we abide in Jesus. Jesus prayed that it would be so in his prayer recorded in John 17. Take some time this Lenten season to reflect on this prayer especially where he is praying for us verses 20-26. Ask yourself:

  1. How would I live differently if I trusted this prayer is for me?
  2. What attitude is Jesus asking me to give up to be free enough to live in unity?