My positively favorite part of the day is the morning. I suppose I would be considered a morning person, and I do like the freshness of the morning and the birds singing in the summer and how everything seems new in the morning, like a fresh start if I have let yesterdays woes be yesterdays woes. I like the sweet smell of grinding coffee and spending time preparing my perfect cup of brew. I love all that, but there is something I look forward to even more.

Sweet Hours

What I love most is the quiet and the chance to look inward, to get in touch with my inner person and sit with her awhile as I savor my coffee. My thoughts always turn to God and how He has blessed me beyond my imagination with great friends, a chance to retire, decent health, a loving husband and an opportunity to sit with the God of the Universe and discuss anything that is on my mind. I pray and then I reach for some favorite devotionals. I dig into the deepest part of my heart to think about how the devotions touch my life. I enjoy this time most if it is just God and me. I have read in the Gospels that Jesus often rose early before the sun rose.

That is the problem. I wait until I feel like getting up. I grind my coffee and start the process of brewing, and soon my husband is up, and he is a talker. I love my husband, but his conversation ruins the first savor of coffee and the chance to be alone with God and hear Him speak through the devotion, directly to my heart or through reading the Bible. I blew it all by being lazy, and it makes me cranky for the rest of the day.

I have tried getting some things done that need to be cleaned or watered or whatever and have a quiet time after my husband leaves for the day. It’s not the same because I have already started the day and one of the significant parts is that it seems like I am having coffee with God when He is part of my first moments in the morning. There is something so ideal about starting my day with God. But is it enough to get me up earlier?

Strength For The Whole Day

Lots of people get up early to go to the gym or go for a run or walk. It’s a great idea. Exercise is essential and I think it is most important when we get older. I have thought about getting a dog so that I would have to get up and go for a walk. Some people do prayer walks in the morning, and I think that would be a great way to start my day. I wouldn’t have to have a dog if I was a disciplined prayer. I’m not! I’m a constant prayer, and I don’t have to go for a walk to pray.

The point is: I love the early part of the day, and I love all that goes with getting up and being a part of it, BUT I don’t do it. It ruins my whole day if I don’t. I get my strength from
God and I can say with Nehemiah, “The joy of the Lord is my strength!”

Why so Human?

Why when I want to lose weight do I eat too much or too often? Why when I want to accomplish something do I fidget and wander? Why when I want to spend time with God before my husband gets up do I sleep in? Why am I the one who sabotages myself? I am my own worst enemy. I should pray about this. Do I have to plan incentives to accomplish my goals? Do I have to reward myself for doing a good job? A gold star system? Am I in third grade? Why do I need a reward system to make me do what I want to do anyway?

What is it about being human that makes us do this? Sleeping in doesn’t make me in a better mood or feel more alive through my day. I am only hurting myself, and still I do it. Like eating ice cream when I want to lose weight. I have struggled with self-sabotage most of my life, and it’s crazy to do it.

New Start

God’s mercies are new every morning. Tomorrow I will rise early. I will grind some coffee to wake me up. I will put the coffee in my French Press I got from with the bamboo handles. I will brew the perfect cup of java and sit with God and listen to the birds singing. I will praise Him for who He is because He is worthy of all praise and I will devote an hour or more to Him. I will have renewed strength for my day!