I have struggled with self-worth all my life. Many things have played into my low opinion, and it has always been a struggle. Self-esteem plays into how we live our life and how we determine our future. We muddle through no matter what and we may even do great things with our life, but under it all is the struggle. I was watching a movie the other night and this girl who said she didn’t believe in God, also noted that with all the stars and galaxies and even other universes “what makes us think we are so special.” She isn’t the first person I have heard that from, and I think with knowledge of science we may all ask ourselves that question at some time. “What makes us think we are so special?” I don’t think we do believe we are so special! . I think that’s why we get ourselves into relationships we regret, why the suicide rate is so high, divorce rates are so high, why we are willing to sell someone’s innocence for money, why abortion is even an issue, why some are so greedy for power, and some are cutting themselves to have a pain other than emotional.

The list of crimes against ourselves is growing as we spin our lives farther and farther away from the One who came to save us from ourselves and make it possible to have a relationship with Love.


So, what forms our self-worth. Is it the opinions of those around us? Is it our perception of those around us and some misguided idea of what those other’s views are of us? How do we get into such a mess of either trying to prove others are wrong about us or falling into acceptance of other’s opinions?

I was blessed to grow up in a great church with a great children’s program. My teachers often talked about how God loves us and knows us so well He knows how many hairs we have on our head. Fascinating! They taught us that God loves us so much that He sent His only Son to save us from our sins (John 3:16) so we can have fellowship with God and that God will make His throne in our hearts if we ask Him to come. That is some pretty heavy stuff, and it’s true.

It’s An Age Old Question

King David asked the same question in Psalm 8, generations before the time of Christ …” When I consider the stars and the heavens, what is humankind that You are mindful of us?” (loosely translated by me) Of course, David didn’t have all the technology that we have nor the ability to see what the Hubble has sent back to us in information and pictures. If you have ever been in the desert where there are no artificial lights, only a view of the stars and moon at night you know the awe of what David must have seen and that is enough to challenge the Christian belief that we are essential to an Almighty God..

It is a crazy idea unless we know the whole story. The entire story is that we were created in God’s image,( but before you decide to throw that idea under the bus because of the theory of evolution which has its share of holes in its argument, bear with me here because this is important to your worth.)  Anyway, what is your deepest longing? Why are you so unsettled about the condition of the earth or our society of inequality? Really, sit with that awhile. Why are you so unsettled about so many injustices and why do you honestly long for a better earth or desire there were no animals on the endangered lists?

There is a Reason

There is a reason, and it is all about you. You are worth far more than you think and you were born with purpose and significance built right into your soul.

Let’s think about that on Wednesday!