Strength In Times of Need

The Soul Is A Big Subject

There are books written on the topic. I am certainly no expert, but I have thoughts. I feel sure you do too! This is a place to share your thoughts on your soul or the soul in general.


My thoughts are: when our soul has been neglected, for whatever reason, we are wounded. When we come out of a time of wounding we are like a wounded animal…..we are reactionary and protective of our heart or soul.

– Sherry Newcum


Sorrow is a part of almost everyone’s life. It has touched mine and shook my soul to its depths. Pain can turn into depression, and depression left unchecked can turn into thoughts of suicide and possibly committing suicide. Obviously, I have not actually...

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The Struggle is Real

There is a story, and it’s bigger than our experience. If you have ever had your breath catch as you looked at a sunset or closed your eyes to listen to the birds sing, you know what I mean. John Eldredge in his book, “The Divine Romance,” talks about how...

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Self-worth Struggle

I have struggled with self-worth all my life. Many things have played into my low opinion, and it has always been a struggle. Self-esteem plays into how we live our life and how we determine our future. We muddle through no matter what and we may even do...

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New Year, New You

The old year is about to end and the prospects for the new year loom. What are your plans for the New Year? In my family we had two suicides this past year, I have lost count of how many of my friends became widows this past year. I am ready to move on,...

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Luke 2:25-35 …….He was waiting for the consolation of Israel, and the Holy Spirit was upon him…… Israel was in moral ruin. For years the voice of God had not been heard. Israel had been divided and taken into exile by armies more powerful then they were....

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Forming Healthy Habits

  My former blog was on “undisciplined verses healthy habits.” I talked about how my life is random because I am undisciplined. I start something and get tired of it before I finish or get more excited about a new project and forget the former. I also...

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