Strength In Times of Need

The Soul Is A Big Subject

There are books written on the topic. I am certainly no expert, but I have thoughts. I feel sure you do too! This is a place to share your thoughts on your soul or the soul in general.


My thoughts are: when our soul has been neglected, for whatever reason, we are wounded. When we come out of a time of wounding we are like a wounded animal…..we are reactionary and protective of our heart or soul.

– Sherry Newcum

Forming Healthy Habits

  My former blog was on “undisciplined verses healthy habits.” I talked about how my life is random because I am undisciplined. I start something and get tired of it before I finish or get more excited about a new project and forget the former. I also...

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When There Are No Words

I was speechless last week and probably many of you were too. On Tuesday morning just a few miles from my home, life was as usual. A mother fixed breakfast for her children and reminded them to dress for the weather or whatever their morning routine was...

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Going Deeper

This has been a tough weekend for me and I am the one to blame. I visited a site on Facebook that does not in anyway reflect my thinking, but sometimes I get curious as to what the world is like beyond my corner of the world. That, in itself, may not be a...

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Life is a Story

Lord, as I hold her in my arms and kiss her tiny fingers I wonder if anyone in all the world Has ever been as happy as I am now! She’s like a tiny poem Short, but beautiful— And several years from now she’ll be a story. Lord, I’m trusting you to write the...

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Our Truest Self

When I was in my early 20’s, I had already made some poor decisions that would affect the rest of my life. Only a couple of years earlier, I felt like I had the world by the tail and I could do anything. I believe God had His hand on me and had guided me...

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When I Am Afraid

When I get lousy news whether that be a medical bill, a grand plan that fell through or some other disheartening news, my first reaction is panic. I stew over it and even do strange things like run to the refrigerator open the door as though there is going...

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