There is a story, and it’s bigger than our experience. If you have ever had your breath catch as you looked at a sunset or closed your eyes to listen to the birds sing, you know what I mean. John Eldredge in his book, “The Divine Romance,” talks about how at random times in our life we feel most alive or that there is something going on that is bigger than the story we are in. He suggests that God is wooing us. It’s a fascinating book! There are things in nature that are meant to catch our attention.


The suicide rate is too high. People lose hope too often. We think we are fine without God. We have science and college degrees, and we are fine. Then why the suicide rate and teenagers experimenting with dangerous chemicals that can ruin their lives. Why do some people cut themselves? Why has the pornography industry made more money on a Sunday afternoon than all the NFL games put together? Why are their sex traffickers selling innocence to empty souls? We have lost our way, and we have lost hope of finding our way back. That is a very simple way of saying it, but I think it is a massive part of the problem.

There is Hope

The hope we need is not found in humanism. It’s that simple. Humanism has been around for centuries, but in the last century, it has invaded our schools so that humanism has become a favorite way of looking at our world. We think religion is in the way and the root of all evil. If we want something done, we have the technology and education to make it happen. Government is a new religion that will solve all our problems. Humanism is the better way. Still, suicide rates climb, humans are degraded at every age. The protection of innocence is gone, in many cases, has given way to ludeness So taking God out of the equation of life has not made things better.

Could We Be Wrong?

Back to the sunset and nature speaking to us of a bigger reality. Did you know that science is now saying we need nature sounds to calm us? Ten minutes in nature makes a difference in our attitudes. But how do we fit spending time in nature when our schedule is overloaded, and we’re surrounded by tall buildings and concrete? Some things in life are worth making time for. It’s essential to our children and us. Find a park for a few minutes of undisturbed time to “just be.” Can’t you feel your soul longing for some time to “just be?”


Spending time walking in the woods or along a beach, gazing at a sunset or watching the world awaken during a sunrise calms us. Listening to the birds or the waves and taking in natural colors ablaze speaks to us. A starry night calls something forth in our hearts. That something is the wooing of the Creator of it all. The one who created you and knew you before a single day occurred. You were born with significance and purpose.  You are pursued, not by one who wants to take advantage of you, but by One who wants to give you every advantage. Not someone who lusts after you, but by Someone who is perfect Love. Not someone who wants to change you, but by Someone who is patient and loves you as you are. You are worth all that. God is a gentleman who waits for you to respond to Him. It’s not about religion; it’s about a relationship of eternal love. He is wooing and waiting for you.

How Will You Respond

You can ignore everything God offers you. He provides you peace, love, guidance and His presence. He is for you and will never turn against you. He wants to care for you and what concerns you, concerns Him. Or you can take that first step forward and seek to know Him. He’s God, so that’s not totally possible, but He loves to reveal Himself those who seek Him. The choice is yours,