Thoughts on God, Life and The Journey

God Outside the Box

How does one go about picturing God? That was my dilemma when choosing an image for this blog. What would God outside the box we often put Him in be like? Something to Consider Today like most days I was doing a study by Eugene H, Peterson based on his...

Finding Peace

The Holidays are here. So many emotions to address. Some people dread the holidays because they are alone. I have lost track of the number of people who were close to my heart who have died this year, leaving widows and loved ones to face this time of year...

He Always Has Time

I am on vacation, and I have spent five days on a schooner on the Atlantic that had such a tiny cabin that my husband and I could not get dressed at the same time because the floor space was so small. Last night heading into the backwoods of Maine we found...

UnForgiveness is UnHealthy

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