People have all sorts of hobbies. Hobbies are fun, and if we do them right, we have the opportunity to meet a lot of great people through our art. My husband is a photographer and has joined a photography guild in the area. He has read many books on photography, but it’s always good to hear what has worked or not worked from other people. He has learned tricks that have worked for others that he wouldn’t read about in a magazine or professionally written book. I joined a knitting club, and the wealth of knowledge there plus the camaraderie is great!

One day at knitting club, one of the women said she has volunteered with a program for English as a second language. She said that one of the students there said the word “up” is so confusing to her because of the many ways Americans use it. She understood what “up” means, but why do we say “shut-up” to mean quiet? What about “come up and see us,” or “even things up,” or “hope we meet up again,” and the list goes on. We have some weird ways of using “up” that has nothing to do with actually up! We all thought of different things and started laughing so hard as we considered how a lot of the ways we use the word “up” don’t make sense at all when we think about it. How did I come up with that idea? I’ll tie up this blog with all the ways we use the word “up,” and it will stir up some thoughts of your own. Or is my time up for keeping your attention on this subject?

There was a time when I slipped up, but no one up and noticed it. Once I was up at the store and picked up (that may actually be a proper use of the word “up”—I picked up) some ketchup. What’s up with that? I saw a friend, and we caught up on what has been happening, and she said her family was up at her house, helping her clean up her yard. I said I wish someone would fix me up with some help. She wondered if I had called up a lawn service to come up to my house?

I hope you will enjoy coming up with some of your own confusing, yet common ways we use the word “up”. I hope too that you will join groups that have the same hobby as you to learn new ideas of whatever you come up with to talk about or pass the time.